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How to improve your local search results

Most businesses in Lorain and Western Cuyahoga counties are looking for ways to bring in more foot traffic or generate more local leads, and you’re probably one of them. Take a few easy steps to improve your local search ranking. But how much effort have you put into improving your local search results? If the…
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Why you need an online marketing funnel for your local business

I’m a big fan of marketing funnels, because they allow you to understand and address potential customers no matter where they are in the buying-decision process. (For a good overview of what a marketing funnel is, check out this article at Webrunnermedia.) Do you have an online marketing funnel? To me, the biggest advantage of…
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How to reach 50,000 customers in Lorain County

  If your business is looking to increase its exposure in Lorain County, the best way to do it is by advertising on Reach more people in Lorain County The Internet provides new opportunities to share more and sell more. works with local businesses and organizations to take advantage of these opportunities. Each…
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3 tips for digital marketing success

The digital marketing options available to small business owners today create the illusion that success is just a click away. Sign up for this tool, get this app or take a few simple steps and you’ll be on your way to unlimited success, all thanks to the magic of the Internet. Set goals, benchmark your…
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