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Technology trends for 2016: How are we doing so far?

The beginning of every year invariably launches a slew of prediction-based stories as scribes from across the globe look into their crystal balls (or just perform a series of related Google searches) and attempt to tell the future. With the first quarter of 2016 already past, I thought it would be interesting to flag a…
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How to create an app for your small business – and why you need one

Smartphones are becoming the most important device for a small business -- not because it can help you run your business, but because it gives you direct access to customers.  Create a mobile app to promote your small business Consider these facts: 70 percent of U.S. consumers own a smartphone 97 percent of those aged…
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Does your business need case studies to tell its story?

Case studies can be an effective tool in your content marketing arsenal. They are a way of showing how your business helps its customers achieve their goals without sounding overly promotional, as the story is told through the eyes of the customer. A case study can illustrate the value your business offers. Typically, a case…
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3 reasons why the images on your small business website are important

  A great website design for your Lorain County business starts with high-quality images. A great layout means nothing if it’s filled with fuzzy, uninspiring photos or generic graphics. To grab a user’s attention and let them know you are worth their time, you have to have high-quality artwork throughout your site. Here are three…
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Website design trends for 2016

With the first quarter of the year gone, it’s time to take a look at website design trends that are taking shape. Some are continuations from last year’s trends, while others are relatively new. Is your website ready for these design trends? Long scrolling. The days of having to cram all your information on the…
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How long should a blog post be?

Many businesses in Lorain County understand the benefit of regular blog posts to their website, but wonder how long their posts should be. 500 words? 800 words? 1,000 words? Your topic and audience will determine how long your blog post should be. I have the definitive answer for you: Exactly as long as it needs…
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