Areas of Focus

Small Businesses

Emerge works with small businesses to sell more, reach more customers, understand and take advantage of the emerging mobile and social trends that affect their business. Our work includes:

  • Marketing websites
  • Ecommerce shops
  • Mobile Apps
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search and social marketing strategy and implementation
  • Video, content and inbound marketing
  • Inventory Management; and
  • Point of Sale Systems

Emerge actively works with over 100 small businesses providing the experience to meet the unique needs of small businesses.


Emerge works with non-profits to tell their story, connect with donors, reach fund raising goals, solicit volunteers and inform clients of eligibility requirements and program options. Our work includes:

  • Informational websites
  • Online donations
  • Board, Staff and Donor Intranets
  • Eligibility Calculators
  • Volunteer management systems
  • Social campaigns to encourage volunteers

Emerge actively works with more than 30 nonprofits, providing a unique insight into the specific needs of nonprofits.

City & County Governments

Emerge works with city and county government offices to share information with the public, collect fees and fines, access public information and encourage economic development. Our work includes:

  • City Websites that are easy for departments to maintain
  • Online dog licenses renewals
  • Real estate transfers
  • Real estate information systems
  • Online purchase of birth and death certificates
  • Online payment of court fees and fines
  • Local business directories; and
  • Available properties maps and information

Emerge currently works with Township, Village, City and County Government Departments providing the experience to meet the unique needs of local government agencies.

Public Health Districts

Emerge works with local public health organizations to improve local health, share health information and improve efficiencies for internal staff. Our work includes:

  • Local health information websites
  • School health and safety applications
  • Staff competencies evaluation system; and
  • An CDC award winning web application that enables public health organizations and local media to promote healthy behavior for flu prevention.

Emerge currently works with City and County Public Health Departments, providing the experience to meet the unique needs of local public health organizations.

Park Districts

Emerge works with park districts to better serve customers, create efficiencies for internal staff and generate non-tax revenue. Our work includes:

  • Online facility reservations
  • Online program reservations
  • Camping, fishing and hunting permits
  • Barcode tickets for events
  • Online donations
  • Volunteer management
  • Social media campaigns
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • QR codes; and
  • Mobile apps.

Emerge currently works with 12 different park districts providing a lot of experience in the unique needs of city and county park districts.