Is your website mobile-device friendly?

Most of the customers looking for the products and services you provide are searching from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. If your website isn’t designed correctly, your site will not properly display on their devices, making it that much harder for them to do business with you.

Mobile-friendly websites are a must for small businesses

Don't miss out on customers searching locally.

How can you be sure if you have a mobile-friendly site (known as responsive design in the industry) or not? Google has a free, online mobile design checker that can tell you whether your site passes the test or not.

Common areas where sites fail the test include:

  • Content that is wider than the screen, causing users to scroll from side-to-side to read the content.
  • Tiny links that are too close together, forcing the users to take random jabs at them, hoping they hit the right one.
  • Small text that requires zooming in to read.

Just because your site looks fine on your laptop does not mean it displays properly on a mobile device. Users are more likely to become frustrated and leave a site when it requires scrolling and zooming to access the information.

Consider these facts from Google:

  • In the U.S., 94 percent of people with smartphones search for local information on their phones.
  • 77 percent of mobile searches occur at home or work, even though those are places where desktop computers are likely to be present.

With more people using mobile devices to search the Internet, can you afford to not update your site? If you don’t, you might be missing out on the 94 percent searching for local businesses just like yours.

Use a responsive layout on your site that will change based on the size and capabilities of the device accessing it. Doing so will eliminate the need for users to pinch and zoom, meaning less frustration and fewer people abandoning your site.

If you have product images on your pages, make them expandable so online shoppers can get a better look at the merchandise.

If your site fails the Google test link above, it’s imperative you upgrade your design as soon as possible. Every day that passes without a mobile-friendly design equals the chance for more lost business.

Matt Beargie is the web developer for Emerge Inc. If you have any questions about how to make your site more mobile friendly, contact him at

Emerge Inc. provides web, mobile, social and content solutions and is based in Avon Lake (Lorain County), Ohio.

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