Why your small business should care about responsive design


If you read anything about web trends, you are likely to come across the term “responsive design.” What does this mean for greater Lorain County businesses?

Design your site to be mobile-device friendly.

Can your website handle mobile customers?

It means your website should work well with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Why? Because more people access the web from mobile devices than home computers. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, it will either not display properly or require excessive scrolling and zooming in and out to navigate. Making your site hard to navigate on someone’s preferred device can cost you business.

The solution is to either revamp your existing site or take this opportunity to launch that redesign you’ve been thinking about.

Here’s an excellent responsive web design 101 guide that gives you the basics. 

Matt Beargie is a web developer at Emerge. If you have questions about responsive design and how it affects your website, contact him at mbeargie@emergeinc.com.


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